Our Model

Women face a unique pathway to crime that differs from men.

This pathway is often unaddressed in the male-dominated correctional setting or by reentry service providers. To reduce the risk of re-incarceration, research confirms the importance of addressing the following factors common to women:

  • Poor mental and physical health
  • Abuse of substances, often to self-medicate mental health issues (comorbidity)
  • Economically disadvantaged often with few skills and irregular work histories
  • The return to full-time parenting

While the experience similarly impacts both genders, women are more likely to experience increased stigma and difficulty accessing resources upon release. Life circumstances of incarcerated women – circumstances that bring them into corrections and that influence their reintegration into the community – are not managed effectively in reentry programs designed to address the needs of men.

Treatment that focuses on factors common to women with criminal justice involvement are lacking in our correctional settings and our community. Hope Rises has developed an innovative and holistic approach that is gender-responsive, and trauma-informed to assist women in transforming their lives and achieving successful reentry into their community. The program focuses on personal growth and empowerment, physical and mental well being, economic empowerment, and community building. Empowerment helps them move forward to the future and remove the stigma of their past identities.