Health Eating as a Way to Recover

My name is Meagan McVay. I am a resident at Hope Rises. When I first learned that Hope Rises incorporates healthy eating as a part of the program, I was skeptical.

I have been overweight all of my adult life. Within the past couple of months however my health has been a major concern for me. I began to worry about getting diabetes as a result of being overweight. So I began to exercise and within two months had lost almost 30 pounds from exercise alone.

When I arrived at Hope Rises, I was very surprised that our healthy meals are actually very good. It has taken some time to get the menu together, and I am very pleased with the results.

This last week was my week to prepare the dinners for the house. I have almost never cooked anything in my life. I have mostly eaten out, and eaten junk food. When I did cook it was usually out of a box. Cheap and easy. Eating healthy was just never even in my vocabulary. However this last week, following the recipes one of our residents put together, I cooked some pretty awesome meals. And I enjoyed them! The feedback from the other girls was that they they liked them too. My favorite was the Spinach and Turkey Sausage Quiche.

Eating healthy has many benefits. I am so glad that Hope Rises is helping to teach me to eat healthier and cook healthier meals. All of this is also within a budget which is important to us girls coming out of prison. The benefits of our healthy eating program can be enjoyed by anyone, not just us – so take a look at my favorite recipe.

-Meagan, Hope Rises Resident